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SugarcaneHouse offers business and technical Consulting Services for international Companies interested on the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry, a great opportunity to understand, evaluate and identify opportunities in this market.

• Exclusive tracking of opportunities available for your business in the Sugarcane industry.
• Partnership and synergies: search for technological, financial and business partners and negotiation assistance
• Valuable information about business practices and technology development in your segment.
• Analysis and feedback for new products, technologies and services.
• Guided immersion in the main players in sugarcane value chain.
• Start and launch solutions and services for new ventures and businesses.
• Support in accounting, human resources and legal issues though our partners
• Evaluation and advisory in Intellectual Property and Freedom to Operate analysis in the national market.

Together We Create Value.

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Become a SugarcaneHouse Virtual Client and benefit from a visible presence in the heart of sugarcane industry
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