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SugarcaneHouse is unique in the Brazilian Agribusiness and has been established to integrate the international community with the national Sugarcane Industry, creating opportunities for both domestic and foreign companies, organizations and scientific institutions.
Our mission is to help innovative organizations and motivated people capable of promoting a sustainable growth of the national sugarcane industry and foster a better, reliable and competitive national production of food, chemicals, fuels and renewable energy obtained from the sugarcane crop.
SugarcaneHouse’s vision is to be recognized as an important and innovative partner for the national industry and main reference for the international community that aims to learn, feel, experience, contribute and do business in the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry.

Adriana Lúcia

Co-founder & Executive Director
Agricultural Engineer, Ph.D., has accumulated a deep background in the sugarcane industry during the period that worked at CTC (Sugarcane Technology Center). After this period started her entrepreneur live as co-founder at Biorrefinaria Brasil, a project and business platform that speeds up and promotes technological innovation in entire biorefinery value chain. As co-founder and executive director of SugarcaneHouse Adriana has two goals: Create a professional and effective way to welcome the international community and collaborate to build a global innovation ecosystem that boost sugarcane industry.


Co-founder & Adviser

Chemical engineer with a solid background in development of new processes for biomass conversion and hands-on experience in second-generation ethanol technology. Tomé is an entrepreneurship driven person and an open innovation enthusiast. As mentor of new ventures in the sugarcane industry, Tomé supported the creation of collaborative, open innovation and network organizational companies like Biorrefinaria Brasil and CanaTec Coworking. As adviser of SugarcaneHouse Tomé has a goal: connect people to learn and innovate.

Jose Tome


SugarcaneHouse Brazil: Global integration for effective local solutions.

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CanaTec is the first coworking space focus on sugarcane professionals. With more than 30 professionals from different companies working together, the CanaTec concept is to engage people to co-create innovative solutions for the benefit of stakeholders throughout the entire value chain.